Congratulations Federal Way

Congratulations Federal Way

Congratulations Federal Way… You showed signs that you are awake. At this past Tuesday(06/05) nights City Council meeting there was a lot of community public comment just on one topic.

It took  75 minutes before the council got down to regular business. Most of the comments were in regard to the proposal of a 4 way stop on 304th and 21st SW, just down the street from Adelaide Elementary School.

Longtime resident Nancy Combs has been on a pilgrimage to get a safer solution for years. After many many months of her speaking faithfully to the council about her concern and getting signatures from neighbors and finally getting the city to do a study. The study was completed in the past few weeks.

Most of the comment was against the proposal of putting a 4 way stop at that intersection with a few speaking in favor, two Adelaide parent’s expressed that the only way the community will come to agreement that something has to be done will be when a child who is walking to an from school is hurt or loses their life.

I have been to most City Council Meetings since November either in person or by way of TV21 on Comcast. This is the most amount of public comment I have witnessed so far.

This is how council meetings should be. For a community of almost 90K there should be at least 60 minutes of public comments. There are other issues that still need attention. Growing the economic base of Federal Way, The usage of the Old AMC theater site. The unfinished business of establishing a downtown corridor and what about Sound Transit Light Rail, these issues the council needs to hear from you.

Now about the 21st SW intersection. This is a perfect opportunity on both side of the issue to come together and as a community come up with a solution and then press the council for the resolution that satisfys them both and keeps our kids safe.


Randall Smith

Occupy Federal Way


Thank You To The Federal Way Mirror

A BIG thank you to Andy Hobbs and Seth Long at the Federal Way Mirror for adding us to the opinion section of the Mirror News website.

This will be a powerful tool to get our message out to the community. We look forward to hearing comments from our readers. We also hope that our readers will soon be participants in OFW, there are many issues in Federal Way that need to be solved.


Again Andy and Seth.

Thank You

Occupy Federal Way


Your Participation Is Requested……

I’ll  bet that few people in the community of Federal Way can say they have seen the city from two sides and that is sad. In the past six months I have had the opportunity to see it from the side of being a longtime  resident and as someone who is concerned with my country and city that is a co-founder of the group Occupy Federal Way. This letter is being written as a personal observation.

Since November I have attended seven Federal Way City Council meeting in person and have watched four on FWTV 21 also I have attended two FW School Board at the council chambers and six on cable.

What I find most alarming about attending these meetings is not the amount of money it takes to run this place we call our hometown or even the challenges the school district has with keeping our students engaged in the learning process. What is alarming is the lack of community involvement and attendance at theses meetings. On average there are about 13 out of 85000 residence that attend…pretty sad.

These meeting are held to give each of us an opportunity to express our concerns and present issues that matter to you to the council, this is our local form of democracy at work. Question? how many reading this know about an RFQ that was discussed recently or what SBG means. If you don’t then maybe that’s a sign you need to attend a few and find out, these  will be affecting you sooner or later.

There are about 100 seats and plenty of standing room for you in the chamber, sometimes a little entertainment to. So the next time you get delayed waiting in a road construction zone while being able to email a report to the city is nice there is nothing more empowering than to tell the leaders of the city in person.

City Council Meetings are held the 1st and 3rd Tuesday at 7pm. School Board is 2nd and 4th Tuesday, both are held in the City Council Chambers at City Hall.

Democracy is not a spectator sport.

Randall Smith
Occupy Federal Way

Welcome to the Occupy Federal Way BLOG

Bookmark this page and visit often. OFW will use this page to keep you up to date as to what is going on in the City of Federal Way and Schools.  Our group also has a focus on National issues.

The City of Federal Way and School District  have challenges that need solutions. We want to be an active part of finding those.